Affinity Photo / Design

Somtimes, when i stumble through the Internet, i do find some quite nice Tools for my work or hobbies. My latest findings were a nice Graphic Toolset from Serif-Software called Affinity Photo (Non-Destructive Photo Editing, Raw Editing,..) and Affinity Design (Vector Drawing, Illustration). While trying out the Trial, i was immediately impressed with the rich featureset that the Programs have. The operation / handling works as smooth or even better than other premium Tools i tried. It's worth to be called a real competitor to some premium Tools on the market. They also have a new Tool in their sleves called Affinity Publisher, which aims to a Premium DTP Software (beta status upcoming). ^_^

There is also a well designed Workbook with lot's of examples on their store. I just ordered i and I am excited to give back some feedback after i unwrapped the package and flipped through it.

The Products are available for Windows and Mac.. sadly not for Linux. You licence it to you (one person and all the Hardware you use) or to one PC. (There is no real restriction, but the Policy says so, but be honest and support them for their great effort! It's worth it). If you buy a Mac Licence, you can not use it for Windows! You also order your licence and updates for one major release. So for example if you buy Version 1.5 .. you get all updates for free till Version 2.. then you need to buy a new license.

There are lot's of Tutorials avaliable on vimeo, example Projects and so on. Check out the Trial.

Have fun and stay artsy! :)